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Why should you travel more often?

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“I would rather own little and see the world than own the world and see little of it.” Alexander Sattler. The beauty of life is that, it has a lot for you to unfold. You don’t know how much it has to offer to you. Even if you just sit in a park, and quietly look around yourself you would see a lot of new things. Travelling should not just be considered as a stress buster or a leisure activity, rather it should be taken as a necessity.

  1. It develops a sense of individuality and freedom within yourself – when you slog for nine hours for five days a week and you start feeling like a corporate slave, shouldn’t you give yourself a break and experience freedom for yourself? When you travel, it gives you a sense of individuality, you explore new things about yourself, that even you had not known. Travelling rejuvenates you and gives you more goals and gives you the time that your body had been asking from you.
  2. You can try various cuisines – we all have a foodie inside us. A foodie that makes us go places to try different types of food. We all know that each place has a unique cuisine, even a town that might be 300 kilometers from your city would also have some unique dish to offer. What can be better than you having experiences worth lifetime and food worth fortune.
  3. You get to learn different cultures and languages – When you travel you visit different places, it’s not just about travelling abroad. The census of India in 1961 identified around 1652 languages in India; imagine the diversity of the country we live in. When you travel you learn new languages and cultures, the lessons that you could have never learned in books.
  4. Travelling gives you new hobbies for yourself – When you travel you discover the whole new you. When get the time to talk to your own self and speak within you, you realize that there are a lot other things that you could do. You discover your passions and new hobbies which give you utmost satisfaction.
  5. You become very street smart – The best part about travelling is that, you become very aware of how to deal different things and situations. You become confident and you know how to tackle issues of your life.

If we go on enumerating that why should we travel more often, trust me the list would fall short. We do not need reasons to travel more often. Travelling not just only gives you an eternal peace, but it also grooms your overall personality.

Stay happy, take risks, and travel more!

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