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What makes a great travel partner

what makes a great travel partner

In Life, It’s Not Where You Go, It’s Who You Travel With–  Charles Schulz

To travel is to live and it makes one a happy person while widening their perspectives in life.
Some people choose to travel aloneas they can solely decide what, when, where and how things are to be scheduled whereas few prefer to travel with their best buddy as it makes them embrace the unexpected adventure and try things which one may have not done solo.


Finding the perfect travel buddy who is as curious about anything and everything existing in the world as you are can be a tough and challenging task but certainly not the impossible one. No one would like to travel with the person they don’t like and spoil their trip by clashing on petty things and comes back home with not so pleasant memories.

So let’s see what actually makes a great travel partner

  1. Travel with one who really helps in organizing the whole trip and respects your decisions. Two people cannot want the same things at the same time so it’s better to communicate your desires and mutually decide which way to go instead of disrespecting your partner’s needs.
  2. Money becomes an issue even with the best of friends so make sure that you both have the same budgets before you decide to travel together. Nothing is worse than a partner who always compromise on quality to save on their wallets or drags you to ‘over your budget’ places so better to settle on these things before heading for the trip.
  3. Choose someone whose interests and energy level match yours to create some unforgettable memories. An adventurer won’t be happy lazing around on beaches or in the resorts. He/she will always look for something exciting to do, so make sure that you both are on the same page and wish to fulfill same kind of activities.
  4. Missed a flight? Started raining when it was supposed to be a sunny day?
    Don’t panic, as it never helps in solving the problem but look for the best possible alternatives with your partner. Travel with someone who is flexible and easygoing when plans don’t sail smoothly as you expected them to be.
    Well, unplanned things always end up creating the best of memories.
  5. Being with someone who finds enjoyment and beauty even in the smallest of things is simply just awesome.
  6. If the person can make you smile in the darkest situations, have always been by your side through thick and thin, stay calm and positive whatever the situation be,willing to try new things, then you have definitely got yourself a great travel buddy.

Drop all your work for a while; pack up your bags and head out into the unknown to explore the farthest reaches of the worldwith a great partner who wants to travel as much as you do.

No road is long and no journey is tiring if you have a good company to travel with.

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