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3 days kayak/Raft Namha & Namtha river

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3 Days
Max People : 50
Tour Details

The Namha and Namtha rivers are the major rivers that flow through the very heart of the Namha National Park in the Luang Namtha Province in Laos. Bountiful in mixed deciduous forests surrounding the river, and tall canopies imparting a cool, shady ambiance, these rivers are ideal to simply drift along their calm waters.

However, the rivers offer something for everyone! If adventure is your predilection, the Namha and Namtha rivers both harbour abundant sets of foamy rapids to excite you, which you can bravely kayak through, while also soaking in the breathtaking sights of the tropical forests, occasionally floating under small arches of bamboo bridges and watching colorful birds of the tropics fly by and watch your journey from atop. However, don’t forget to watch out for deceitful underwater stones of the river!

Here, you can enjoy the spirit of raging yet pristine waters of the Namtha and Namha rivers as well as witness the mysterious livelihoods of some of the timeless tribal villages veiled from the outside world. So surround yourself by the stupendous earthy waters of the rivers and mystic forests of Laos in this specially designed two nights and three days trip on the rivers of the Namha National Park and make memories away from the fast pacing world outside!

Price Includes

  • Vehicle transport
  • Local English-speaking guide
  • Local minority guide
  • Accommodation
  • 1 meal (Picnic Lao style)
  • Drinking water
  • Government tax and service charges

What to bring?

  • Sunscreen
  • Change of clothes
  • Towels
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Small Bag Pack to carry essentials
Price Details

Number of Pax

Price Per Pax

1 Pax

₹ 22100

2 Pax

₹ 12300

3 Pax

₹ 11000

4 Pax

₹ 9500

5 Pax

₹ 8300

6 Pax

₹ 7800

7 Pax

₹ 7200

8 Pax

₹ 6700

Crew Details:

A local English speaking guide

A local minority guide

Difficulty Level:

Easy – Moderate (both days)

Activity Type

Group (can be family with kids above 10 years)

Activity Duration

3 days – Approximately 9 to 10 hours

Booking Policy:

All tours need to be confirmed booking before the date of activity. Booking atleast 7 days prior to the activity date is recommended. In case of non-availability of slots, alternate options will be provided. 100% of the payment will be required at the time of booking. Confirmation will be sent with 48hrs for the booking.

Please enquire with us for exceptions.

Cancellation Policy

In case of cancellation, 100% of the amount is non-refundable. In case the activity is cancelled by the operator alternate dates will be provided or 100% of the money will be refunded.

Refund Policy

Any applicable refund amount will be processed within 15 business days. Please check with us to confirm if refund is applicable.

Activity Schedule

Day 1Kayaking down the Namha river

The journey will begin at 9:00am at a designated place where your adventure commences in a fun 30 minute tuk tuk ride to the Ban Thasae villages-our starting point for kayaking. At approximately 10 a.m., you will finally begin our much looked-forward to kayaking journey that would be 4-5 hours long. Having soaked in the awesomeness of the starting point, you would be guided through the basic instructions on kayaking techniques and safety measures to be followed during the entire expedition. Following this, you embark on our exploratory journey through the majestic spirit of Namha National Park! You would begin with paddling down the Namha river for over 2-3 hours. By about 1 p.m. lunch time, you will have a picnic set up following which you can enjoy a swim on the tranquil river water. Your guide will make sure that every one of you is drenched with or without kayaking! After lunch, the paddling continues through and this time, it’s the raging rapids you will have to now face. Bravely face the rapids, while the old and wise forests of the Namha National Park watch over you! After surviving the rapids, you can continue to be amazed by the picturesque thick greens of the forest and imagine the life it holds within. This is followed by experiencing some local flavor of Laos- a refreshing break at the Namha village, where you can attempt to exchange a few words or signs with the villagers residing there. You will also be briefly introduced to the Khamu lifestyle and be enlightened of the daily livelihood of locals who have made the Namha forests their home. By 3 p.m., you will visit another village, the Ban Nalan village, also another charming Khamu settlement. Here, you will be provided accomodation for the night. You can spend the remainder of the evening resting, swimming or exploring around!

Day 2Your trip continues!

Rise and shine! Breakfast will be served at 9 a.m., following which you commence your kayaking journey down the river once again! You will kayak for approximately 2-3 hours. In the first two hours of gentle paddling, you will have revitalizing breaks by visiting some more Khamu villages situated by the bank of the river. The last hour of kayaking will not be as gentle as how you began, as fresh rapids will formidably yet gratefully lead us to picnic spot in the jungle cozy enough for the entire group! As you approach the afternoon, while the sun begins its journey down the West, you will paddle on, switching between softer waters and shorter rapids! But do not forget to stun yourself with the magnificent forests and the beautiful tropical birds that will occasionally accompany you on your route! By 3 p.m., your kayaking will conclude finally at the Houay Leuat village. At the Houay Leuat village, you will halt for the night in eco-lodge accommodations provided by us.

Day 3The last leg of your journey

Good morning! Breakfast will be served at 9 a.m. and have yet another day of kayaking planned for you! Another 2-3 hours of kayaking takes us further South where you will see large expansions of cultivated greenery. By lunch time, i.e., around 1.30 p.m., you will halt at the quaint Khamu settlements and set up picnic spots by the bank of the river. Another 2 full hours of kayaking still awaits us post lunch! As you slowly say goodbye to the Khamu villages, the tropical gardens and rice paddies slowly begin to dwindle, giving way to wilder forests and wider expanses of untamed river. Be ready to hold on to your kayaks and recollect all your kayaking education as smooth waters make way for more rocky sets of rapids! These rapids will eventually drop you at Hatnaleng village of Khamu people. Your paddling journey finishes here. A two hours ride in tuk tuks will bring you back to Luang Namtha.

Activity Schedule:

o Total Duration: Day 1- 5 hours
Day 2- 5 hours
Day 3- 5 hours
o 30 minutes ride in a tuk-tuk to the starting point and 120 minutes back from the end point
o 9-10 hours of kayaking on Namha and Namtha river spread over 3 days of stay, starting from Luang Nam tha province to Hatnaleng village
o Reaching Hatnaleng village on day 3, tuk tuks ride back to Luang Namtha