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Chiang mai local tours

10 Day Motor Bike Off -Roading in Chiang mai

10 days
Obscured in the quite northwest corner, Mae Hong Son province is the last perimeter of Thailand consisting of off- beaten tracks for bike Expeditions.
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5 Day Motor Bike Off -Roading in Chiang mai

5 days
The route consists of so much variation and riding covering the lower half of the famous Mae Hong Son Loop through a great variety of terrain, where You will be climbing mountains, crossing rivers, and riding on dirt next to huge stunning river scenaries.
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Motorbike Rental Chiang mai

3 Day Motor Bike Off -Roading in Chiangmai (Wiang Haeng & Pai)

3 Days
Enjoy Wiang Haeng, where the scenery is truly stunning and the journey to the place will leave you truly amazed.
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3 Day Motor Bike Off -Roading in Chiangmai (Including Doi Inthanon)

3 days
Besides admiring the beautiful scenery this is also an extremely relaxing place to stay. So here starts the adventure of your amazing 3 day Ride.
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1 Day Motor Bike Off -Roading in Chiang mai

1 day
Short on time, but want to try off-roading for a day? Then look no further. This incredible ride which can be covered in a Day, is customized to suit anyone including people who only have road riding experience.
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Cross country mountain bike riding

8 Day Golden triangle – Motor Bike ride in Chiang Mai

8 days
Take a peak into natures best-kept secrets and beauty while you glide along the the glistening tarmac twisting and turning along the gripping bends.
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Chiang mai bike riding tours

2 Day Motor Bike in Chiang mai

2 days
These bikes are easy to ride and the roads that you will ride on, will give you the excitement of a lifetime and keep you coming back for more!
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1 Day Samoeng Loop – Motor Bike ride in Chiangmai

1 Day
Want to try out the best 100km ride in NT, (with added up KMs), then the Samoeng loop is your best choice. It’s more than just fantastic roads and amazing views.
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