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Stand Up paddle board beginner Course – Phuket

1-2 Hrs
Here is a great opportunity to learn the fastest growing sport - STAND UP PADDLE BOARD. This course gives you an introduction into the basics of necessary equipment and overall Handling of the sport
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3 day IKO kite Surfing course in Hua Hin

3 Days
This 3 Day course allows you to master the kite flying techniques and return home with a IKO license that allows to rent and fly a kite any where around the world
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1 Day Kite surfing course in Hua Hin

1 Day ( 2 - 3 Hrs)
In this one-day course, which is also a part of the 3-day intermediary course, you will learn the basic skills like how to set up a kite. So here is a great opportunity to learn kite surfing and find out if it is the best sport for you.
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Chiang mai local tours

10 Day Motor Bike Off -Roading in Chiang mai

10 days
Obscured in the quite northwest corner, Mae Hong Son province is the last perimeter of Thailand consisting of off- beaten tracks for bike Expeditions. Experience Dirt Biking at its best
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5 Day Motor Bike Off -Roading in Chiang mai

5 days
The Mae Hong Son Loop consists of a great variety of terrain, where You will be climbing mountains, crossing rivers, and riding on dirt next to huge stunning river sceneries. Time to be amazed...
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Motorbike Rental Chiang mai

3 Day Motor Bike Off -Roading in Chiangmai (Wiang Haeng & Pai)

3 Days
Enjoy Wiang Haeng, where the scenery is truly stunning and the journey to the place will leave you truly amazed.
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3 Day Motor Bike Off -Roading in Chiangmai (Including Doi Inthanon)

3 days
Besides admiring the beautiful scenery this is also an extremely relaxing place to stay. So here starts the adventure of your amazing 3 day Ride.
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1 Day Motor Bike Off -Roading in Chiang mai

1 day
Short on time, but want to try off-roading for a day? Then look no further. This incredible ride which can be covered in a Day, is customized to suit anyone including people who only have road riding experience.
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Cross country mountain bike riding

8 Day Golden triangle – Motor Bike ride in Chiang Mai

8 days
Take a peek into natures best-kept secrets and beauty while you glide along the the glistening tarmac twisting and turning along the gripping bends.
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Chiang mai bike riding tours

2 Day Motor Bike in Chiang mai (Tarmac)

2 days
These bikes are easy to ride and the roads that you will ride on, will give you the excitement of a lifetime and keep you coming back for more!
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