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Hot Air Ballooning – Goa

45 Mins - 1 Hr
Discover Goa in a whole new view from a hot-air balloon! Admire the beautiful scenery on this 1-hour flight as we assure you an unforgettable experience like nothing you’ve had before.
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Stand Up Paddle board – Bali – Indonesia

Stand up paddle boarding is a Great way to get you comfortable with waves. With just a short time spent on learning the basics, you can already start paddling with little supervision. You might even want to try conquering the waves after your first try!
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3D2N Mulu Caves Explorer at Marriott – Borneo

Here is a classic combination of luxury and adventure. Explore the World Heritage Site of Mulu in Sarawak, Malaysia, famous for its karst features, biodiversity, and enormous caves. Also enjoy the 5-star luxury accommodation and services at Mulu Marriott Resort & Spa in the middle of a tropical rainforest.
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Hot Air Balloon Ride over Vangvieng

1 Hr
Let the winds carry you to places never seen on foot, in this hot air balloon adventure, while envious onlookers from down below wish to be you, floating serenely in the sky.
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Island Hopping – Elnido – Philippines

8 Hours
A paradise for Island Hopping, EL Nido has the best spots in the world for Snorkeling and Scuba. Choose from the best Islands, blessed with beautiful landscape and pristine blue waters and enjoy relax to your hearts content.
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Island Expedition Adventure tour

Live the outdoor life as explore the island during the day and camp under the stars in remote islands at night. With no planned routes you will set out to discover uniquely different routes each day.
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Adventurers Inland Tour – Elnido – Palawan

1 day
Visit an ancient cave, climb up a small mountain for a spectacular view, take a boat down a winding mangrove river, and Lastly trek through the rainforest to see one of the most sublime and utterly pristine waterfall, in the heart of the jungle. This full day trip promises to offer the most extraordinary things […]
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Northern Country Side Boat and Bicycle tour – Chiang Mai

Full day
Want a mild adventure day out with the whole family, then this is the trip you were looking for..
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Kawa Kawa River Cruise-Wildlife & Fireflies – Malaysia

Full Day
This tour is a nature lover’s cup of tea, an enchanting cruise that introduces one to Sabah’s wildlife.
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Night City Tour with Ethnic Dinner – Kota Kinabalu

3-4 Hrs
Catch the sunset by the beached enjoy the view of Kota Kinabalu at night, from a hillside observatory. And for that treat to the palate, you will be served a traditional dinner from the largest ethnic group in Sabah.
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