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Cebu Bohol Tour – Philippines

This tour is an adrenaline junkie's dream come true covering everything ranging from Paddle board to trekking, River climbing, to island hopping to kayaking. The diverse land scape of Bohol and Cebu are an adventure enthusiast’s paradise making available every possible option of sport.
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Cebu Island Adventure Tour – Philippines

Cant get enough of the sea? Then here is a tour that gives you a perfect taste of what adventure can feel like In Cebu and places all around. This paradise for the adventure seekers has so much to offer that you would never want your tour coming to end.
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City and Island tour – Philippines

6N / 7 D
Palawan is one of these very few places that keeps hidden an underground riverand here is your chance to visit it. But as you expected that’s not the only adventure activity this tour would cover, you get an extra bit of wake boarding and Volcano trekking a short distance from Manila and some fun island […]
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Boracay Island Tour – Philippines

4N /5D
This short tour ensures you see all you can in Boracay, an island famous for its powdery-white sand beaches, stunning sunsets, and crazy fun parties and it packs all the adventure activities this island can offer.

Open Water Scuba Diving Course – Malapascua – Philippines

3-4 days
Malapascua is a dream come true for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts and in This course of 3½ days you have an opportunity to become a certified diver which allows you to dive anywhere in the planet accompanied by a certified instructor or independently.
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Introductory Scuba Diving in Malapascua – Philippines

4 Hrs
This compact session allows you to understand the rules of diving & Safety and the Do’s and Don’ts once your first dive begins. Get an experience of what happens when you dive, how to dive and as an icing on the cake there is beautiful marine flora and fauna for you to enjoy.
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Fun Dives for a certified Scuba Diver – Malapascua – Philippines

1 day
The fun dives allows you to encounter animal species such as the fox shark, manta rays, white shark, hammerhead sharks and all the exotic species that Malapascua has to offer.
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Western Inland Tour – Elnido – Philippines

8 Hours
Trek, climb, explore, Swim, and see the extraordinary natural wonders and pristine beaches and do all that you can in this one day tour which is unque and takes you to all the places that are most uncommon and untouched.
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Island Hopping – Elnido – Philippines

8 Hours
A paradise for Island Hopping, EL Nido has the best spots in the world for Snorkeling and Scuba. Choose from the best Islands, blessed with beautiful landscape and pristine blue waters and enjoy relax to your hearts content.
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Island Expedition Adventure tour

Live the outdoor life as explore the island during the day and camp under the stars in remote islands at night. With no planned routes you will set out to discover uniquely different routes each day.
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