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1 Hr Sunset quad Bike Tour in Siem Reap

1 Hour
Quadbiking is a great way to explore the untouched greenery of beautiful countryside and villages, Buddhist monasteries, the abandoned and untouched ancient Angkorian temples while you enjoy the Sun raising and setting behind the paddy fields.
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scuba diving courses in koh samui
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Discover scuba Diving in Ko Samui

Full Day
Here your chance to take your first breath under water, and also to decide if scuba is the sport for you, while you enjoy the awesome marine life
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Scuba diving holidays in koh samui

Open Water Diving Course in Phuket

4 Days
Get the best training to be a certified Scuba Diver. This 4 day course allows you to become a professional and learn everything you need to know about becoming a serious diver.
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Discover Scuba Diving – Introductory Diving in pattaya

Full Day (5 - 6 Hrs)
First time Diver? No worries.. Designed just for beginners, this tour will make your experience a memorable one.
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Country Side Bike Ride – Chiang Mai

Full Day tour
Chiang Mai's country side is a paradise. Discover the greenery and villages away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
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City culture ride in Chiang mai

Half Day tour
Great City, beautiful temples and colorful markets. That’s the agenda of this biking tour.
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City Culture Ride in Bangkok

3 Hrs
Get ready to get introduced to the cultural side of Bangkok . This tour will take you through all the Local markets, beautifully made parks and small communities that are unique and original to the nature of Bangkok.
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Open water Scuba Diver Course in Koh Samui

4 Days
As the most widely-recognised scuba qualification worldwide, the PADI open water course will be complete in four days, including the fundamentals of scuba diving, dive equipment and techniques.
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Night Stand Up Paddle Board in Koh Samui

90 Mins or 120 Mins
Experience the magic of Koh Samui in the night, with only the sound of water and paddle. Enjoy the world fastest growing sport SUP, on hybrid catamaran boards, equipped with custom LED lights that illuminates everything around it and the surface of the water.
Transport facility Optional

Ride into the sunset – Ayutthaya

This ride will amaze you with the well illuminated ruins and temples in the ancient capital.
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Introductory Scuba Diving Course in Phuket

Full Day
Try your first dive into the beautiful world deep down and experience the mysterious marine life come alive in the brightest colours and amazing shapes
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Only for Certified Divers

Ship Wreck Dive SamaeSan Island – Pattaya

Full Day
The dive in Samae San includes the special view of a WW2 ship wreck, along with a chance to see beautiful coral growth and amazing marine life like the large Rays, Barracuda, Nudibranches and Turtles.
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Stand Up paddle beginner Course – Hua Hin

1-2 Hrs
Here is a great opportunity to learn the fastest growing sport, and an introduction into the basics of necessary equipment, including board selection/size and instruction on balance, turning, safety and overall handling of the sport.
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Ping River Kayaking – Chiang Dao – Chiang Mai (Thailand)

4+ Hrs
If you are a nature lover, this Kayak Trip will leave you speechless. The Journey past the villages and farmlands and view of the hills at a distance will make you wish you never left.
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3 day IKO Level Kite Surfing Course in Phuket

3 Days
Keeping your safety in mind, this kite surfing lesson has been designed to learn different flying and safety techniques that will get you ready to try riding the board.
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Snookah Dive – Koh Samui

Full Day
Want to go beyond Snorkeling but not try scuba yet? Here is your answer!! Snookeling is the perfect blend between Snorkeling and scuba, where your air supply follows along on the surface in a raft, connected to you by an extended breathing line. So time to Try out a new sport...

PADI Scuba Diving course in Pattaya

2 Days
Short on time? This 2 day course will get you the certificate to dive under Supervision.
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Cat Ba Island Tour – Vietnam

4N / 5D
Caves, Jungle and waterfalls , rocky cliffs , Sandy beaches and calm rivers and anything else you want will be delightfully offered in this amazing adventure location. Get ready to be spoilt for choices.
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Indonesia Easy Adventure Tour

4 N / 5 D
Too less time and too much energy to burn? No problem, we got you covered. This tour covers the best of what Bali can give you in the shortest tour time.
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Lombok Island Tour

5 N / 6 D
Loaded with equatorial allure and breathtaking turquoise bays, you can count on world-class surf breaks; splendid hiking trails and prepare to be spoilt for choices of your water sport activity. You will find everything you want to see in this tour of Lambok.
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