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Hot Air Ballooning – Goa

45 Mins - 1 Hr
Discover Goa in a whole new view from a hot-air balloon! Admire the beautiful scenery on this 1-hour flight as we assure you an unforgettable experience like nothing you’ve had before.
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Kayak & Orangutan Discovery – Sarawak

8 Hrs
Kayak down the scenic Sarawak River in the middle of a rainforest, and experience tranquility like never before, and while you are at it say hello to the Orangutans that are native to the Borneo rainforests.
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3D2N Mulu Caves Explorer at Marriott – Borneo

Here is a classic combination of luxury and adventure. Explore the World Heritage Site of Mulu in Sarawak, Malaysia, famous for its karst features, biodiversity, and enormous caves. Also enjoy the 5-star luxury accommodation and services at Mulu Marriott Resort & Spa in the middle of a tropical rainforest.
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Heritage Tour: Discover Sight, Sound & Taste Of Authentic – Sarawak Malaysia

3.5 Hrs
And what better way to experience it than to go on a 12km bike ride along the nooks and crannies of this Malaysian state! Cycle around the heritage zone and see the temples and monuments that withstood the test of time.
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Snorkeling in Pulau Payar – Malaysia

4 Hrs
See how many species you can encounter as you spend time in one of Malaysia’s marine parks.
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Mangrove River Tour – Langkawi – Malaysia

Enjoy this amazing experience of the mangrove river tour in the Kilim Nature Park as you cruise down the calm, winding river. You will observe the wonders of the park's marine ecosystem, its flora and fauna and the natural inhabitants that will leave you completely mesmerised.
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Day Discovery Tour – Langkawi – Malaysia

Half Day or Full Day
Langkawi is a paradise and this tour takes you to discover some of the best attractions like a tomb, a wildlife park, a crocodile farm, a village, an aquarium, an open-air park museum, the beach, and the waterfalls. Whatever you choose to discover in Langkawi, you are bound to have a swell time.

Hot Air Balloon Ride over Vangvieng

1 Hr
Let the winds carry you to places never seen on foot, in this hot air balloon adventure, while envious onlookers from down below wish to be you, floating serenely in the sky.
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One Day Mahout Experience – Luang Prabang – Laos

1 day
Luang Probing is a popular destination for enthusiastic travellers who are looking for an offbeat travel experience. This is a one day tour that includes all major activities such as the bareback elephant ride, mahout training, bathing the elephant, enjoying the buffet at the restaurant in the elephant camp and visiting the Tad Sae waterfalls.
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Two Day Mahout Experience – Luang Prabang – Laos

2 Days
This amazingly tidy ambiance set in the backdrop of lush green mountains, is undoubtedly a destination for passionate travelers who are looking for a cherished travel experience. This two day experience allows you to spend a perfect amount of time with the elephants and also visit the Nam Khan River
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