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scuba diving courses in koh samui
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Discover scuba Diving in Ko Samui

Full Day
Here your chance to take your first breath under water, and also to decide if scuba is the sport for you, while you enjoy the awesome marine life
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Discover Scuba Diving – Introductory Diving in pattaya

Full Day (5 - 6 Hrs)
First time Diver? No worries.. Designed just for beginners, this tour will make your experience a memorable one.
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Full Day Dirt Bike Madness in Pattaya

Full Day
One Day, a great bike, different terrains and lots of adrenaline. You won't forget this one for a long time.
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Bungee Jump in Pattaya

30 Mins
A 60M, 1 minute jump and an experience of a lifetime. Thats what you can expect from this Bungee Jump Activity
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Bungee Jump in Koh Samui

Great Bungy Experience!! Spectacular Location!! Whether its your first or you are a total pro, This jump guarantees to be one of the best ever..
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Open water Scuba Diver Course in Koh Samui

4 Days
As the most widely-recognised scuba qualification worldwide, the PADI open water course will be complete in four days, including the fundamentals of scuba diving, dive equipment and techniques.
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The 2 Hr fun ATV ride in Pattaya

2 Hrs
A fun ATV ride to get yourself muddy and have the time of your life.
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Padi Scuba Diver Course in Phuket

2 days
The PADI scuba course is widely recognised, focussing on mastering the knowledge and skills required to dive proficiently while under the direct supervision of a certified diver.
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Eagles route Mountain bike adventure – Chiang mai (Doi Suthep & Doi Pui)

3 Hrs
This beginners level Ride takes you through National forest and plantation, accessed by dirt road with ruts, rock gardens, mud and sand traps and some steep down hills, bringing out the mountain biker in you.
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PADI Scuba Diver Course – Koh Samui

2 Days
This 2 day Course allows you to master all the basics of scuba diving, and go upto a maximum of 12M depth under the direct supervision of a PADI divemaster.
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1 day Kite boarding Discovery Course in Phuket

2-3 Hrs
Here is a great opportunity to learn kite surfing and find out if it is the best sport for you. This course which is a part of 3 day IKO course, teaches you the basic skills.
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4hr Amazing ATV Dirt ride in Pattaya

4 Hrs
Amazing landscape, never ending trail and an experience to remember forever. Try ATV, a new sport that requires no prior experience or skill level. All you need is an open mind to have maximum fun.
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Mountain Bike Adventure – Chiang Mai

1/2 Day or Full Day
Chiang Mai is a great place for mountain biking, because of its and National Parks and its terrain. This Place has something to satisfy people with every skill level. No matter how many times you have done this before, we assure you unlimited fun.
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Half Day Dirt Bike Madness in Pattaya

3 Hrs
Get Suited up, look your coolest and get ready for the most awesome ride
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PADI Open water Dive course in pattaya

3 Days
PADI Open Water diver course is the most popular way that beginners around the world learn to dive. Here is your chance, to learn in the best diving spots.
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PADI Scuba Diving course in Pattaya

2 Days
Short on time? This 2 day course will get you the certificate to dive under Supervision.
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Flyboard, Fly Bike & Hoverboard – Boracay – Philippines

2 Hrs
Try one of the 3 exhilarating activities and give yourself a chance to fly like a super hero today. The Flyborad, Flybike and hoverboard are unique and cool activities that you need to try to understand why it is so famous around the world.

Secret Waterfall Zipline Adventure – Koh Samui

4-5 Hrs
The island of Koh Samui is a great place to spend a dream holiday, but this trip promises you secret waterfalls and hidden rainforests, which you can view perched high up in the trees from the canopies as you zip past at a speed of 50Km per hour.
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Zipline Canopy adventure Bangkok & Pattaya

5 Hrs
Here is your chance to fly in the beautiful & glorious rainforest, while spending time with the wild life in the safari park.
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Zipline Canopy Adventure – Chaing Mai

Full Day
Set up in the perfect backdrop of the rainforest, experience one of the longest single ziplines flights. This Canopy adventure is located in the beautiful country side of Chiang Mai.
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Vietnam (Southern)- Ho chi minh – Dalat – Nha trang Tour

7N / 8D
Unlimited Energy, Le-petite Paris and the riviera of the South China Sea.... that is what this tour is all about. Covering Ho Chi Minh, Dalat and Nha Trang, this tour gives you a unique combination of Adventure, Nature and best aspects of a cosmo city.
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Hoi An Tour – Vietnam

4N / 5D
Experience Hoian's offbeat activities in ways you would have never imagined before. Be it bicycle, or motor bike or a boat trip, Hoi An promises to leave you delighted with its scenery and beautiful beaches all within reach.
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Indonesia Easy Adventure Tour

4 N / 5 D
Too less time and too much energy to burn? No problem, we got you covered. This tour covers the best of what Bali can give you in the shortest tour time.
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Bali-Lombok-Komodo Island Tour

10 N / 11 D
Rafting, Canyoning, Trekking, surfing, snorkeling… Yes all of this in a single tour.. If adventure is what you are seeking for, this trip has it in abundance and it covers the often forgotten cities that gives you a taste of real adventure.
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Bali and Lombok Tour

7 N / 8 D
Trekker or a dare devil or both, this trip could be your paradise. Far away from hustle bustle we take you out on adventures that will get your adrenaline pumping. You see not one but multiple islands and actually live your dream of island hopping.
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Lombok Island Tour

5 N / 6 D
Loaded with equatorial allure and breathtaking turquoise bays, you can count on world-class surf breaks; splendid hiking trails and prepare to be spoilt for choices of your water sport activity. You will find everything you want to see in this tour of Lambok.
Manila cebu tour Packages
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Manila-Cebu Tour – Philippines

6 N / 7 D
This is a tour of cool adventure. It does complete justice to every aspect of adventure activities these cities hold. The trek is a once in a lifetime experience and the beautiful beaches and aquamarine waters are a sanctuary for scuba enthusiast. But the landscape in this part of the world complete with mountains and […]
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Pearls of Laos

6N / 7D
The Saffron clad monks and rich glistening temples are the not the only things that Luang Prabang is proud of. The extensive natural beauty of this tiny town, sourrounded by mountains sitting at the confluence of the Nam Khan and Mekong River make it a great spot for outdoor adventure activities. The beautiful waterfalls and […]
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All of Kuala Lumpur and Kinabalu

10N / 11D
KL is city full of life and Borneo is a land of many adventures. This well planned trip gives you the best of both worlds. It feeds the hunger of an adventure enthusiast to discover the jungle, Mountains, the ocean and the beautiful country side along with man made machines to get your heart racing.
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Amazing Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi

8N / 9D
This trip has been developed to pamper you with the best of the adventure KL and Langkawi has to offer. It lets you have the best of everything that nature has in store for you. 
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