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Wake boarding – Bali – Indonesia

Can’t get enough of the water? Well, get wet and feel the thrill of wake boarding! This surface water sport will have you ride a board whilst being towed by a motorboat. Choose your level of Training or take them all and become a pro
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Surfing – Bali – Indonesia

Whether you are new to surfing or you are looking into working on your skills, there’s a course for you. Each level has five courses. You can choose the number of courses you want to take or finish the entire package for your level.
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Kite surfing – Bali – Indonesia

Located in one of most famous beach of Bali the Sanur Beach, this kite surfing activity will introduce you to a new kind of thrill. The various of learning will give an opportunity to become a expert in the sport based on what you choose.
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Kite boarding Refresher – Aceh – Indonesia

3 Hrs
If you have already tried kiteboarding before and you want to experience it again or continue on with your course, this is for you. The refresher course brings back the thrill of Kiteboarding, master the skills of what you are already good at
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Kite Boarding in Bandah Aceh – Indonesia (Full Package)

9 Hrs over 4N/5D
Do you want to experience how it feels like to glide on water and fly above it? The extreme sport of kiteboarding lets you do these things. So join the activity to fly, swim and glide all at the same time.
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Cebu Island Adventure Tour – Philippines

Cant get enough of the sea? Then here is a tour that gives you a perfect taste of what adventure can feel like In Cebu and places all around. This paradise for the adventure seekers has so much to offer that you would never want your tour coming to end.
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City and Island tour – Philippines

6N / 7 D
Palawan is one of these very few places that keeps hidden an underground riverand here is your chance to visit it. But as you expected that’s not the only adventure activity this tour would cover, you get an extra bit of wake boarding and Volcano trekking a short distance from Manila and some fun island […]

Fun Dive Package for a Certified Scuba Diver – Langkawi – Malaysia

Full day
Train to be become a certified diver in Langkawi’s Pulau Payar marine park where you can experience the diverse marine environment of Malaysia.
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Kayaking, Caves and Blue Lagoon – Vang Vieng

1 day
Behold the brooding presence of the mountains standing tall in the background and enthrall yourself with the magical flora looking upon you as you drift down the Nam Song.
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Kayaking, Caves & Tubing in the Cave – Vang Vieng

1 Day
The Nam Song River gracefully flows through the town, exuding a sense of tranquility that you cannot disengage yourself from. Drift calmly through walls of intense, lush green forests on either sides of the river and leave the humdrum affairs of your daily life behind.
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