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Colors of Bangkok – Bike Ride

4-5 Hrs
Bangkok is a city of many colors, and this tour aims give you a glimpse of all of them. From the Greenery to the River, from the Elite community to slums, from temples to busy markets, you will see every aspect of the culture rich Bangkok.
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City Culture Ride in Bangkok

3 Hrs
Get ready to get introduced to the cultural side of Bangkok . This tour will take you through all the Local markets, beautifully made parks and small communities that are unique and original to the nature of Bangkok.
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Krabi sunset cruise

Sunset Bike ride – Bangkok

4-5 Hrs
Discover the beauty of Bangkok at sunset, and visit the most famous and well illuminated temples and Pagodas, while on a culinary journey
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Zipline Canopy adventure Bangkok & Pattaya

5 Hrs
Here is your chance to fly in the beautiful & glorious rainforest, while spending time with the wild life in the safari park.
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Phuket & Bangkok Adventure Unlimited

7N / 8D
You get every thing that you ever wanted in an adventure trip. The activities included in this package are specially handpicked to make the perfect holiday. It covers the most exciting activities letting you have the time for yourself and relax by the end of the day, enjoying the sunset, or taking a lazy stroll […]
Krabi Island Thailand Package | Krabi Local Tour Package | Krabi Island Tour Package
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Fun fusion of Phuket, Bangkok and Krabi

7N / 8D
Here is a fusion of the best cities and activities in Thailand, put together for maximum fun and best usage of time. So Pack your bags and get ready for an adventure that you will never forget.
Thailand Bangkok Phuket Tour Package | Phuket Gentle Tour | Holidays tour phuket
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Phuket & Bangkok – Sun & Fun (Gentle Tour)

7N / 8D
This Light trip lets you enjoy the scenic beauty and culture heritage of the cities. While we let you have you lazy days under the sun we also have made sure that we get your adrenaline pumping. So go out there and have an adventure of a lifetime.
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Huahin Adventure

5N / 6D
Here is a specially curated trip to Hua Hin where the Beach is extremely popular for kitesurfing, windsurfing and other water sports. The main stretch of sand, is also a seafood lover's heaven.
Travel from Chiang Mai to Bangkok | Chiang Mai Tour Thailand | Travel in Chiang Mai
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Bangkok & Chiangmai Adrenaline Rush Tour

6N / 7D
Surrounded by forest hills and waterfalls, nature has raised Chiangmai to be a thrill seekers paradise. So here is your chance for Club class ticket to Adventure. What more? We have added Bangkok into this just to make you feel more alive than you ever did.
Pattaya Adventure Activities in Thailand | Water Activities | Thai Sky Adventures Pattaya
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Action Packed Pattaya

3N / 4 D
Pattaya is not just city of party, shows and resorts. This is also a land of original adventure where if you dare there is nothing you wont find. We at Zocales did that for you, to make every minute of yours in the city worthwhile. Ready for the biggest Adventure ever?
Island Blend Tour in Thailand | Cheap Thailand Tour Packages | honeymoon packages in Thailand
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Thailand – The City and Island Blend Tour

10N / 11D
Sights, Shopping, Adventure, Adrenaline everything and more that you can ask for.
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Thailand – Enjoy The Treasures of Bangkok and Pattaya

This Light trip allows you the time to see the parts of the city that you always have heard about and wanted to see, combined with the best of adventure activities there is to experience.
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