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Space saving hacks for packing your suitcase

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Packing is never an effortless task rather a cumbersome and time-consuming chore that demands utmost patience while thinking how to fit your stuff efficiently in a small suitcase.

In excitement of the trip, one tends to over pack and keeps extra outfits just to be safe and ends up having no space for their essentials like toiletry, accessories and shoes. It’s advisable to approach logical and rational packing instead of indulging in emotions and pack outfits more than the required.

Be a smart traveller and follow these space saving hacks while packing your suitcase for your next trip.

  1. Make a packing list and itemize everything you need to bring. Next is to keep a note of which set of clothes to pack and which should be resting in your cupboard. Rolling your t-shirts and denims tightly instead of folding them will help you save a lot of space in your travel bag.  Start with placing your rolled clothes vertically then store folded clothes on top of them.
  2. To keep your travel clothes clean and safe from the shoe dust, it’s better to store the shoes in shower caps and stuff your socks in them.
  3. Instead of carrying whole pack of shampoos, lotions and conditioners, buy small but airtight containers and pour out the required quantity in them. Placing a label on the containers will make your trip much easier and fun.
  4. Don’t let your charger cables and earpieces twist into knots so keep them in your sunglasses cases.
  5. You would definitely hate looking for your earrings lying in the hidden corners of the suitcase. So attach earrings to buttons and keep all the parts together as seen in the picture.
  6. No need to carry the entire bottle of foundation and concealer but fill both sides of an old contact case and you are all set to go. Just carry what you need and save space in your luggage.
  7. Nothing worse than finding the perfume bottle broken in your luggage with a sticky mess all around. Cushion your perfume bottles with socks or thick sweaters around them from any breakage.
  8. Hats are always difficult to fold and pack in travel bag so keep them in hand.
  9. Keeping cotton pads in your powder-based makeup will prevent it from breaking up and spreading all over.

Never leave packing to the last minute as in such scenario, you will always end up packing wrong stuff using majority of the space in your suitcase.


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