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Simple road trip hacks you need to know

Simple road trip and travel - Malaysia,Thailand,Hongkong and Vietnam

Because the greatest part of a road trip isn’t about arriving at your destination. It’s all the wild stuff that happens along the way. Emma Chase

Isn’t it exciting to drive on the open roads with your closest friends with no map in the hands and destination remains unfixed till the end?

Sounds crazy.

A road trip surely create life-lasting memories and brings adventure by forcing people to experience uncommon things that come their way like sudden snack breaks at roadside food joints, crazy drive moments, getting lost in unfamiliar roads. Of course any vacation, be it a small road trip or a day off to some hilly areas demands a lot of preparation so that no unwanted trouble comes your way and makes the journey difficult.

Let’s look at some simple yet useful tips up your sleeves for an amazing road trip –

  1. Finding the perfect wheels to travel on is the most important and time-consuming task that must be fulfilled with utmost attention. You definitely need a vehicle in a good enough condition to go thousands of miles with no stops, big enough to occupy all the travellers with their luggage and economic enough in terms of fuel consumption. Take your vehicle for a small test-drive and check if it functions smoothly.
  2. Travel light and pack things that are required instead of stuffing your suitcases with unnecessary supplies. Save car space for passengers, not suitcases.
  3. As you won’t be having enough time to see everything along the route, make a flexible itinerary with all the possible worth going places covered so that you don’t miss out on anything.
  4. To avoid making your car look like a total mess even after you have spend good number of hours with no stops, bring along cleaning wipes in bundle and keep a small dustbin to collect the trash.
  5. It’s better to unplug all your electronic devices and just enjoy the scenic beauty of nature during your road trip but if one is not ready to go off the grid due to social commitments or out of habit, keep a multi-charger or a fully charged power bank so that your phone doesn’t run out of battery.
  6. Make sure you have curated a playlist with all your most loved songs well in advance, as it’s no surprise if your cellular services show thumbs down at any moment. Download the required mobile applications ahead of time to avoid eating into your data plan.
  7. Does car travelling makes you go green with nausea? Motion sickness is no surprise but can make your trip a disaster so avoid succumbing to it and take precautions well in advance.

                – Look for snacks that contain ginger or peppermint.

                – Take frequent breaks.

                – Distractions are a great way to decrease car sickness so take your mind off by listening to                               music or playing fun games with your friends.

Road trips is no easy task as you are going to hit traffic jams, car break down, speed bumps but it all makes worth when you end up havingincredible views seized in your eyes and some great memories of a lifetime with the ones you love.

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