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3 day IKO kite Surfing course in Hua Hin

3 Days
This 3 Day course allows you to master the kite flying techniques and return home with a IKO license that allows to rent and fly a kite any where around the world
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1 Day Kite surfing course in Hua Hin

1 Day ( 2 - 3 Hrs)
In this one-day course, which is also a part of the 3-day intermediary course, you will learn the basic skills like how to set up a kite. So here is a great opportunity to learn kite surfing and find out if it is the best sport for you.
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3 day IKO Level Kite Surfing Course in Phuket

3 Days
Keeping your safety in mind, this kite surfing lesson has been designed to learn different flying and safety techniques that will get you ready to try riding the board.
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Kite boarding Refresher – Aceh – Indonesia

3 Hrs
If you have already tried kiteboarding before and you want to experience it again or continue on with your course, this is for you. The refresher course brings back the thrill of Kiteboarding, master the skills of what you are already good at
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Cebu Bohol Tour – Philippines

This tour is an adrenaline junkie's dream come true covering everything ranging from Paddle board to trekking, River climbing, to island hopping to kayaking. The diverse land scape of Bohol and Cebu are an adventure enthusiast’s paradise making available every possible option of sport.
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Cebu Island Adventure Tour – Philippines

Cant get enough of the sea? Then here is a tour that gives you a perfect taste of what adventure can feel like In Cebu and places all around. This paradise for the adventure seekers has so much to offer that you would never want your tour coming to end.
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