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Make this summers a new beginning for exciting adventures

Discover summers best adventures tours in malaysia,singapore,thailand,vietnam,Laos,Indonesia and philippines at Zocales.

Summertime is always the best of what might be.- Charles Bowden

Summertime is all about sunshine kissed face and flip-flops. The idea of particularly summer vacations stuff wonder in everyone’s eyes including children and adults as both get a break from their hebetudinous school schedule and 9-5 jobs respectively. Exploring the world is more fantastic than any dream made or paid in factories. Who wouldn’t be excited with the thought of travelling the world and dive in the incredible beauty of nature? Summer is surely a new beginning full of exciting opportunities to explore varied places and thrilling adventures.

So don’t let this summers fly before giving a try on these great adventures with your best friends and let your inner child calls you –

  • Summers with sizzling temperatures are the perfect time to hit the beaches and watch the breathtaking sight of sunset while simply have your feet dipped in the sand. Tick off an exotic beach vacation from your travel bucket list this summers and say cheers to the tanned skin. Some of the best memories are made in sandy toes and salty kisses.
  • Wouldn’t it be exciting to call your close friends, pack your bags and get in thecar with no reservations or maps in the hand? Let the destination be completely surprise and roads less travelled.

    Because the greatest part of a road trip isn’t about arriving at your destination. It’s all the wild stuff that happens along the way.Emma Chase

  • Better than any roller coaster ride, Cliff jumping can be a great idea to kick-start this summer that sounds scary at first but will surely create a memory to last for lifetime. Drop all your fears with racing heartbeat and jump off while screaming at the top of your lungs. All you need is a swimsuit and a little bit of courage to complete this activity.
  • Life looks better under water so don’t forget to engage in all sorts of water activities like surfing, scuba diving or snorkeling and get a closer view of marine life.
  • If you haven’t tried skydiving yet,you are surely missing out on something really adventurous and spine tingling. The mere idea of falling off a height of thousands of meters when your body remains in freefall for several minutes gives chills. The true experience of life is only on the extremes.
  • There is no place like camp with bright stars and crazy friends by your side. Reconnect with the basics of life and marvel at the beauty of the night sky.
  • Attend various concerts and comedy shows you always dreamed of going and connect with the outside world.
  • Take a not so easy trek to some hill station that offers incredible panoramic views from the top and embrace this extraordinary experience once in your lifetime.It’s always a great idea to take a break from the hustle bustle of city and bask in the bewitching glory of nature.

Life is short, so enjoy it to the fullest.

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