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Let’s learn the art of skydiving

Skydiving adventure in switzerland,Fiji,Hawaii,Nepal and Dubai


Who wouldn’t want to soar through the pristine blue skies with great deal of enthusiasm rushing in their body to achieve a lifetime experience of Skydiving?
Who wouldn’t want to grab the opportunity of looking at the undreamt scenic beauty of Earth from a bird’s eye while floating amidst the clouds?


Are you really prepared for skydiving?

Here is the list of few things that will prepare you for your first tandem skydive

  1. Don’t show up for your skydive jump with a very heavy stomach or a very empty one. Both the cases can really spoil your experience so eat moderately and healthy. A fruit salad or cornflakes teamed with your most loved juice will work great. Don’t drink and dive. Taking even a small amount of alcohol can prove harmful for your health.
  2. Loose-fitting clothes are definitely athumbs up with no accessories/strings like neckpiece or bangles attached, as there are high chances of things falling down with the force of wind. It’s highly recommended to wear tight-lacing shoes so that wind won’t grab them right off your feet. Weather up there will surely be chilling so try to go for a full sleeves t-shirt or a hoodie.
  3. Don’t forget to ask the provider for videos and photos, as it is a lifetime thrilling experience, which you will definitely want to restore for life.
  4. A little fear is OKAY but don’t stay in a panic state all the while and relax. Take deep, slow breaths, as it will give your body a constant flow of oxygen. You simply can’t enjoy your best when your body is tensed and stressed out.
  5. One need not be physically super fit to go for skydiving but a few warm up exercises and a bit of stretching don’t give any pain instead let your muscles feel loose and relaxed. You could try light aerobic movements such as jumping or running on the pot for five minutes. Don’t forget to consult your physician if you have any medical problem or heart related illness before attempting any skydive.
  6. Take a sound sleep the night before so that you don’t feel lazy all the while.
  7. Pay close attention whenever your instructor is teaching you the rules to follow.

Hawaii in USA, Fox glacier in New Zealand, Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, Mount Everest in Nepal, Interlaken in Switzerland, Denarau Island in Fiji  are some of best places in the world to go for skydiving that guarantees the best experience for life.

Surprise yourself with a view you wouldn’t regret dying for!

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