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Let’s breathe the fresh air of new culture

Let's breathe the fresh air of new culture

Isn’t it interesting to travel around the globe and learn new cultures?

A usual day involves meeting old friends at old places while enjoying the flavors of old existing culture but a day in new place opens up a lot of surprises each second. Breathing a new culture even though for few days is like stepping into a whole new world where you are exposed to varied languages, smells, sounds and people.

Being friends with people who belong to a very different culture could turn out super fun and thrilling. It’s a big world out there wherein everyone behaves differently as per the beliefs and values adopted by them. Opening your eyes to new lifestyles will not only broaden your perspective but will re-shape your personality as well. Once you get to your destination, make friends with locals and ask their insights about that place you are going to explore. Develop a curiosity to learn about the new skills and religion while making you more social ad open minded. As a traveller, it’s your duty to respect the culture of the people you visit and get accustomed to their traditions. Never get afraid of new place or new faces as the word “new” always has many things in store for you.

There are no shortcuts to digest a new culture in a jiff but takes time that demands for your emotional and physical strength simultaneously.

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. ―Henry Miller

Getting absorbed in the new culture also involves diving into their local cuisine and indulged in their delicacies. The first thing to do when planning a trip is make a note of local dishes and where they would be available in best form. Ask around for the best local food spots and the popular dishes to get a taste of the culture. Learning new culture is not only confined to their dress code and the way they talk or behave but the kind of food they eat is also very essential.

What’s better than trying one new dish every day?

Cherishing new luscious delicacies, learning new traditions or cultures, and meeting new people with varied perspectives and stories will surely enrich your life to a great extent and will add amazing unforgettable experiences that you will remember even in old age, whether it’s walking through the chilly mountains of Manali or a road trip to Leh-Ladaakh. It’s high time to prick your bubble of comfort and travel to experience a whole new world!

No matter where you are, be it in your own hometown or some distant faraway place, opportunities to gain new culture insights are lurking at every nook and corner of the world. Appreciating others’ culture while enjoying their lifestyles and beliefs is truly a liberating and life changing experience. Travelling to any place is worth every penny you will spend because memories last forever and leaves behind treasure of moments to be cherished in future.

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