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Hacks for your next beach trip

Beach trip in Thailand - Zocales

The sand may brush off
The salt may wash away.
The tans may fade.
But the memories will last forever.

A recreational time especially during summer weekends is something we all need to energize ourselves while scribbling innumerable memories with friends and family. Summertime always call for a wonderful beach vacation with your loved ones to give your monotonous schedule a fun break.
Some people really do think that beaches are only meant for swimming which becomes a quiet dull activity after a while as one has nothing else to do but Beach vacations are never boring as there are hundreds of great activities you can do with your family and friends besides just going swimming.
Frisbee is a game one never get tired of playing, be in the parks or at beach side. Minimum effort is    required to set the game but gives maximum of enjoyment. Other such games like volleyball,     hula loop  can be played to make your day more fun.
• How about basking in the glory of nature and watching breathtaking sight of sunset while simply have  your feet dipped in the sand.
• Beaches are the best places for avid readers to go and enjoy their reads. You just need your favorite      magazine and you are good to go. Enjoying the warm breeze with an awe-inspiring sea view in the  front  while flipping through your favorite novel is the best thing, a reader could ever want.
• A day at beach can be super fun for adventurous people as well. Indulge yourself in water      sports like Jet Ski, surfing, water-skiing and have a great time.
• Building sandcastles and writing messages in the sand is something one can never grow big for. One    can really spend good hours with their families while playing in the sand and watching the waves rolling   towards the beach.
• Make camera your best friend, as beach is a great place to click some great memories.

Now let’s look at some packing tips for your beach vacations
• Carry a waterproof beach bag to keep all your essentials.
• Don’t forget to put your sunscreen lotion if you are in no mood to get tanned as both the sun and     salt water can really damage your skin.

If you haven’t ever been on a beach trip, you are surely missing out on something really great and wonderful. It’s high time you say cheers to beach hair, tan skin, flip flops and sandy toes as no place can give you the relief which a beach side will offer in bundles while simply watching the sea lashing at the shore.

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