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Be a tourist in your hometown

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Facing money crunch or do you feel that your budget is a little to tight for a short trip to somewhere out of town?
Not able to get an off from your fully packed work schedule?

But still want to explore the colors of nature and take a break from monotonous dull routine?
Lack of time and low budgets sure does make a dent in one’s vacations plans but well, in that case exploring your hometown as if you’ve never been there before would be a wonderful idea and won’t burn a hole in your pocket as well.
Trips that involves packing or dealing with multiple bookings aren’t necessarily the lifetime journeys of your life but at times, breathing the fresh air of your own hometown or seeing your own city through fresh eyes could turn to the best of memories.
Here are some ways you can be a tourist in your hometown:
• Surely you must be aware of the historic places in your town and have visited them many a times but      have ever wondered about their history?
It can get really interesting knowing about your city and how it was founded. Taking a note of  interesting facts can be really fascinating, permitting you to see a mundane place in a whole new fresh  light. For some historical and cultural insights into your city, museums can be great places to begin  with.
• How about planning a date with your own city?
Seems interesting.Waking up in a hotel in your hometown with no worries burdened on your head    could turn to a great idea if you really want to get the feel of being away from home for the night. Act    like a tourist and explore as many places as possible. Go and have a lovely dinner with your essential or    attend a concert.
• Don’t forget to bring your camera. As it’s your hometown so you must be aware of all the places and      might have treasure of photographs at each place but revisiting those memories while capturing pictures  at your most favorite spots would do no harm rather will put you in the tourist mindset as clicking snaps  is not something you do as part of your regular home routine.
• If you are a shopping freak then a day planned with shopping at local markets could become really    interesting for you. Pick up your car or bike and aim to visit every possible local market in your  hometown.

Always keep a note of what’s happening in your city and you will be surprised at how much fun these events can be!
Fall in love with your city all over again.

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