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And So the Adventure Begins…


Ever woke up one morning and decided what you are doing is not enough and you should follow your passion, and then left your cushy job to set up a company just to bust your backside for the next several months. Yeah Thats us..You might have seen us in the crowd with a bored look on our faces on a Monday morning. So we decided to change it

Why Adventure

We have been on that side too where we had great expectations on a holiday but couldn’t quite  get what we wanted, so eventually ended up doing things ourselves and also helped our friends do it. But guess what happened? We realised we are really good at this and ended up building a company that we hope would give our customers, everything we expected from someone like us. But we wanted to give you a holiday with a difference. Making it so exciting that it gives you something you can talk about it for years to come. SO ADVENTURE IT IS..   

What makes us Different

Our Journey is a one from passion to profession. Every Activity on our website is hand Picked. We not only work with people who are the best in their zone of adventure, but also people who do what they do because of the their commitment towards wanting more and more people enjoy what they have to offer. In short they are people who love other people and their jobs of course. So people is the keyword…Now Thats Rare!!

Whats our mission

Regardless of age and gender, to help people experience real adventure, make it possible for them to transform fear into absolute fun and show them a world of endless excitement, where safety is priority, quality is fundamental and appreciation for natural environment is a pledge.


To help our customers appreciate and reconnect with nature and wilderness by making adventure synonymous to holidays and playing a significant part in the conservation of wildlife and landscapes

Our Vision

To be an adventure company, whose customers can benefit the most out of its knowledge and from its partners who are experts in their domain and encourage the spirit of adventure while making it safe for people who want to be part of it

Zocales?? Wondering what it means. Ever imagined how it must feel to be your ZONE all day, in your most favourite LOCALE in the whole wide world?? Well Here is your find out!!